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WordPress Installation Woes

Installed WordPress today on my laptop (Windows XP). Ugh. Apache and PHP were already installed, and MySQL installation was a breeze (MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser make life much easier). Configuring PHP to run on a new port was annoying but ultimately successful (Port 9000 wouldn’t work but 8001 would %$*&#!). The problem came when running WordPress for the first time. The error was:

Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

The solution, after much Googling, turned out to be a fairly simple fix.addprograms PHP simply didn’t install by default with the MySQL connector, and by going to “Add/Remove Programs”, selecting PHP, then clicking Change-> Next-> Chage-> Next-> Next-> Then chose the MySQL PHP extension, along with a bunch of others.

Hope this finds it’s way onto Google and helps someone out there.

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