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Webmaster Answers! in Chinese?

July 27th, 2009

Surfing around online, I just discovered that a book I wrote has been translated into Chinese and is being sold in China. This would be more exciting if I had heard about it from the publisher and/or received any money for it. Looks like an inquiry into Osborne/McGraw Hill is in order.

Webmaster Answers in Chinese

This reminds me of a story… About five years ago a friend was in Brazil bragging to a girl he had just met that he was credited in a book’s acknowledgments section. To prove it, he took her into a bookstore and showed her. Several minutes into relating the story to me (apparently the woman was quite stunning), I learned that my book had been translated into Portuguese.

When Google books is fully online, will it be able to inform me what languages this book has been translated into?

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